Falling for Fall

“I am lucky to live in a world where there are Octobers!”

With just one week left in October, I find myself wishing this month was just a little bit longer than the rest. Ok, a lot longer. I won’t lie, this is a huge change of opinion from when I lived in Texas. In Dallas October feels pretty much like a continuation of summer. The weather goes from 90 to eh about 85. If we are really lucky, it gets all the way down to 80! Lets be honest, it just isn’t the same drinking a pumpkin spice latte when you are still wearing a tank top and shorts…

Now that I live in the Northeast, October is breathtakingly beautiful. The leaves turn into warm colors, the weather cools down, you can pull out your boots and scarves, and you may even find yourself bundled up inside with the heat on and a warm cup of coffee (pumpkin spice of course).

This whole month I kept finding myself wishing I had my camera on me at all times to capture the amazingness that Fall has to offer. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat hard to carry around a big camera when you are walking your giant poodle or going for a jog. I also wish that I could just stop my car on my commute to DC everyday to snap a picture real quick, but if I have learned one thing since I’ve been here it’s not to piss off the DMV drivers!

Today I took a solo stroll in Old Town and captured just a few pictures to show my new found love for October. I usually love to photograph people and movement, but these vibrant colors were too pretty to pass up. I am sure you will agree with me. Oh and if you are reading this from Texas, it’s ok to be jealous.








Gabrielle Zoey

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