A DC kind of love. Sarah and Zach!

I am so excited to share these pictures I took of this perfect couple this past weekend. I LOVE how they turned out and had such a great time snapping their sweet love for each other.

I met Sarah through a facebook group for nursing school and saw that she was looking for someone to take her engagement pictures. I was so excited when she said she’d let me take some pictures of them since I am always looking to practice my photography. We met for coffee a few weeks later and discussed the type of pictures she was looking for. Together, we both agreed on a fall engagement shoot that would include their son Trooper the lab, Penn State jerseys, a location that would show off DC, and of course… NO CHEESY POSES!

After weeks of gathering ideas and studying pinterest, I met with Sarah and Zach at the Lincoln Memorial to start off our photoshoot. We obviously had to get the perfect lighting so I set my alarm for 6am and was off to the memorial for sunrise. On any other occasion I would be extremely cranky if I woke up at 6am, but I was up and more than excited to get the shoot going. I would do it everyday just for this view..

DSC_0003 copy

The Lincoln Memorial was the perfect location. The lighting, the monument, the steps, the columns, the marble.. no wonder the morning was filled with photographers and couples! I definitely got to shoot the best couple of them all though. I mean the pictures speak for themselves. We all get a little awkward posing for pictures and Sarah mentioned this would be a concern cause naturally she didn’t want the pictures to look silly, but I was so proud of them! By the end of the shoot, they were naturals! 😉

These pictures totally brought tears to my eyes when I was editing them. You can just see their love for one another on their faces.






These pictures where one is looking at the other are my absolute favorite and so sweet.





Trooper is loving all the love! His eyes! haha!




Thanks again Sarah and Zach for letting me take these engagement pictures! I loved getting to know you both and capturing this special time in your life.


Gabrielle Zoey

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