Baby, it’s cold outside.


It seems like yesterday I was sharing pictures of my friend Lori and her husband as they anxiously revealed that little peanut growing inside of her. And here we are, months later, (also anxiously) awaiting the arrival of baby girl Roby!

I was determined to be able to take some pictures for these rents to be. I wasn’t even going to let the fact that I lived across the country get in the way. Luckily they live in my hometown and thanks to the holiday season, I was headed down to Texas just in time. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, I pretty much begged if I could take her pictures. Her response, AND I QOUTE, “I kind of want to wait until my bump gets a little bit bigger.” I could of told her we should just meet the day after thanksgiving, cause I mean don’t we all have a baby bump then?

But I didn’t. Partly because I knew it would be something I could look forward to in a month, but mostly because well, you never disagree with a pregnant woman. 

And here we are, 24 hours away from 2016, and Lori…I don’t think we can wait for your bump to get any bigger 😉

Of course, we meet on the day that Texas decides to actually have winter weather. Waddling around the park in the cold wasn’t ideal, but in the end we got these gorgeous shots! Not pictured: Lori in between photos with the “why did I wait this long, I can barely move” look on her face. Don’t worry, I am not the type of person to say I told you so. 😉

Seriously though, she is such a beautiful momma to be, giving every 5 foot female out there hope that you can look this good, this pregnant!

Here are a few of my favorite from this past week with this beautiful couple. Oh and Lori said she would probably cry when she saw these because you know.. pregnancy hormones. Well, what if you cry and you’re not pregnant? Im just asking for a friend.

I can’t wait until the next time I see these two with a new member of their family. Baby Roby, I am so excited to meet you and take so many pictures of you for years to come!!! You are so loved!






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