Get ready to fall in love guys! I recently started nannying for a family here in DC and this little boy Lorik has completely stolen my heart! I spend every weekday with him that by the time the weekend comes around, I literally get sad because I miss him so much. I also get scared that he is going to forget who I am by Monday! Oh man that would be heartbreaking.

I snuck some pictures of him post nap/post bottle when I can really get him to smile. Sleep + Bottle = happy baby! That is until he realizes his momma isn’t home and makes the saddest yet cutest face. I was only able to snap a few, but I can guarantee there will be more pictures coming soon! He also has the cutest wardrobe and Im thinking he could totally get #lorikslookbook trending on instagram 😉  And hopefully I can get his two sweet beautiful sisters in some too!  Alright, here is the boy who I get to be with everyday #muchbetterthanaboyfriend





Oh and if you are having a bad day heres something that will turn that around real quick!

He’s definitely thinking one of the three:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Where’s my mom?
  3. Woah! Lights!


Alright, I’ll let the cuteness overload settle in

Xx, G


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