That’s a wrap OU!

Throwback Thursday:

Last year I FINALLY made the trip to Norman, Oklahoma to visit one of my best friends before she graduated (It only took 4 years to get me there). She wanted to take some cute graduation pictures to give to her parents so I of course offered to help! I spent days before searching “grad picture ideas” on pinterest (where I love to get inspiration from) and I had to try and attempt the blowing the confetti picture! After a few attempts, lots of laughs, and Halie saying “I can’t look cute like this” a million times, we finally got some pictures! PERFECT pictures that is! I love how these turned out!

This was the first time I had taken pictures on my own and it was a success! I also loved being a part of this and watching my friend since diapers get ready to graduate college! Now Halie is the cutest third grade teacher and Im going to have to visit her classroom soon to take some more pictures 🙂




DSC_0469 (1)


Gabrielle Zoey


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